Balth Salt | Lavender


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Balth Salt | Lavender



Create a rejuvenating, detoxing and relaxing at-home spa with aromatherapy bath salts. A salt bath helps draw out toxins and helps holistically cleanse the body resulting in a feeling of being refreshed, revitalized, and restored.

Contains Himalayan salt, sea salt, Epson salt, baking soda, flower petals, essential oils.

Benefits – These salts help you to both look and feel fantastic, put you in balance and keep you at peace with the world. Using a lavender bath salt once a week can help you improve your vitality, detoxify your body and skin and destress your mind.

Recommended For – all skin types, dry skin, oily skin, normal skin, combination skin

How to use – Add one spoonful of the Bath Salt in a tub or bucket with water, preferably lukewarm. Stir and let it dissolve completely for a few minutes. Settle in and soak your body or feet. Scrub gently, for exfoliation.


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